11 Sep

Una vivienda digna para los que se quedaron sin nada

Nicolás García Mayor es el fundador de Cmax, firma que diseñó refugios de emergencia que se montan rápidamente para dar alojamiento a los damnificados por los desastres naturales. García Mayor contó que su empresa comenzó a nacer cuando eligió el tema de su tesis de grado, que relacionaba el diseño industrial con las guerras y catástrofes del mundo. Cuando se recibió de diseñador industrial materializó su tesis y los refugios de emergencia fueron realidad. Fue catalogado como uno de los 10 jóvenes ...

26 Mar

Build tomorrow’s technology leaders! Sponsored by BOEING NASA GOOGLE!

FIRST Chesapeake District Bethesda Event Sponsored by BOEING NASA GOOGLE! Thousands of people walked through the doors of Walt Whitman High School over 2 1/2 days – and everyone seemed to have a smile on their face. What an event! I’m honored to be a Judge of this incredible event and I enjoyed a lot my weekend working with these incredible young people. It is with the help of dedicated individuals like many of us that we are able to do what we do best, build...

01 Dec

Forum on Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation.

When Nicolás García Mayor, CEO and Founder of Cmax, was asked how he made it as a successful entrepreneur at last Friday’s forum on Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation in Argentina in Washington, DC, he paused. What does it mean to be successful? Before acknowledging his wealth, fame, or social status in a way that would seem appropriate in a forum surrounding “success in business,” he encouraged the audience to reconsider their use and definition of the word in...

28 Nov

Forum on Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Innovation in Argentina

This forum hosted by Young Professionals of the Americas (YPA) will showcase Argentina’s entrepreneurial potential to key stakeholders in Washington, DC and identify policies that foster innovation. It will also provide a platform for entrepreneurs to share their stories of success and failure, and exchange ideas for how to best promote Argentina as a regional hub for entrepreneurship. Program: 5:00 – 6:30 pm  Panel Discussion: Understanding and Enhancing Argentina’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Guillermo Areas, Head Government Relations and External Affairs, Representative Office, Latin America and...